Saturday, 19 March 2011

A New Look and a Giveaway!

I have been on the waiting list for a blog design by Veronica McCollum since the beginning of 2010 but it has been well worth the wait!

I asked Veronica to design me a blog with whimsical images, in particular owls, as that matches me being a teacher. I requested some of my favourite Stampin' Up! colours such as Baja Breeze and Wild Wasabi as well as colours from the Brights Range.

I am absolutely over the moon with my new look. I love the owl in particular and am tickled pink with my blinkie!!! I also love the favicon (the small image of the owl that you can see in the web address or on the tab)

I think, however, that my owl needs a name so have decided to ask my blog readers for suggestions.

My Ink Pad

I will enter everyone who makes a suggestion / leaves a comment about my new blog in to a prize draw to win a prize. I can't show a picture of the prize as it is something that isn't available until the new SU mini catalogue comes out on the 1st April, but I can promise that you won't be hint is that it is appropriate!!!

To be in with a chance of winning all I ask is that you post your suggestion / comment below, link this post on your blog and become a follower of my blog......feel free to grab my blinkie to display on your blog if you have one too!! 

ETA: Now that the mini catalogue is available I can disclose that the winner of this giveaway will win a Stampin' Up! Two Step Owl Punch!! This punch was unavailable to me as a pre-order so I have no samples to show....I too am desperate to get my hands on this little guy!!!  I have to say that I am LOVING the owl names so keep them coming!!

The draw will be made on 30th April 2011. (the draw will be made using

Good luck!


  1. Ok here goes.... Your owl looks like a barn owl, otherwise known as ghost or spirit owls so Caspar for a name or Bacardi (since you like a few of them and might need them after a hard week at work!!)
    p.s loving your new look blog!

  2. Looks fantastic Sharon, how cool to have a blog designed for you! What about 'Plop' for the owl? 'The owl who was afraid of the dark' is one of my all time favourite children's books. Sx

  3. Hooter - but you really need 2 so you can have a pair

  4. Well being a teacher Sharon my suggestion would be something to do with being a Wise bird, so how about Ernie the owl!
    Loving the new look blog, well worth the wait. Hope school is going well?

  5. Gorgeous new blog look! My suggestion would be 'Ollie'!

    I might just have to put my name down for a blogover too! Yours s just lovely!

    Judy x

  6. Great new look, like the name of Twit or Bob

  7. I'm thinkin "Mrs Swoops"

    Diane xx

    p.s lovin yer new look

  8. Your blog is fab Sharon - looks gorgeous.

    you could call your owl Elvis which means wise!

    (though really I vote for Kara's suggestion which is just hysterical!)

  9. Loving your new look blog, gorgeous colours and cutie owl. How about Hootie or Wisely

    Christine x x

  10. My suggestions are Athena who was the greek godess of wisdom. Then there were the Harry Potter owls of Hedwid, Hermes and Pidwidgeon or Soloman which means peace. Then I was thinking about the name of your blog and came up with Inkspot or Splodge. My brain hurts now after that so I am off for a lie down!!!

  11. What about Twhoo? Lovely new look well worth the wait. I see they also did Unitys blog as well.

  12. Love your blog and your little owl too....what about Yoohoo :O) Viv xx

  13. Wow Sharon, love the new look, def been worth the wait. It is great when a plan comes to fruition! I think you wee owl should be called 'piper' as you are one of the tartan stampers or 'swoopy'
    Love karas suggestion! Lol!
    Hugs Evelyn c xx

  14. Gorgeous blog Sharon, I love the new colour scheme and your owl is gorgeous. I think he should be called Oliver as your blog just leaves me wanting more - lots of lovely inspiration here x

  15. What about inkyhoots to go with your blog name my ink pad! It looks great Sharon. Enjoy adding to it! Hugs Zx

  16. Your blog looks great. How about to name our owl Smarty, cause the owls do look very smart with those big eyes.

  17. Sharon, I think your owl should be called Hoot, because he made me smile. Hugs Rita xxx

  18. Fab blog design.

    Hmmm names...well Hoots as in Hoots Mon, or Tod which I'm told by Google is a Scottish nickname for someone who is clever..

    or how about Sage...I know he isnt green but wise old sage and all that.

  19. Just popped in to say wow. I love you blog. It's really good, and so easy to find things. Book marked for sure. Actually I will follow, that would be better.

  20. Loving your new look Sharon very posh!

    My Owl name for you would be "Gizmo"

    Ali x

  21. Hi Sharon
    love your new blog. My suggestion is Orville. Sarah Watt x

  22. How about in the Harry Potter's wand maker.....x

  23. WOWEEEE!! I LOVE IT honey, hope you will enjoy it!! hugs Monica xx

  24. I love owls like you, and your blog as gorgeous! I've been looking for a good owl background for my blog, maybe getting one designed is the way forward!
    I would call him Oakley the owl.
    Kelly xx

  25. I love your blog! I'm just a starter at Stampin' Up! But have somewhat become an addict already. I'm hosting my first Party in march, very excited! The owl is great very suiting :)
    Patrick or Alvin came to mind too.

  26. Sorry posting again, I got it! Albert the Owl x x


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