Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Would you like to own the versatile Stampin Up double ended Stampin Write Markers??

This set of 38 markers, comes in a really useful carry caddy with a space for each marker and for the additional 'In Color' markers. Each of the colours EXACTLY matches the stampin up stamp pads, cardstock, patterned paper etc. 
They are perfect for colouring in stamps in more than one colour or for adding detail to scrapbook pages etc.
Now they normally retail at £89.95 for a full set - or if you buy them in the four colour collections the full set of 38 would cost you £90.10 and but you wouldnt get the carry caddy.

You can get your hands on one of these full kits including the carry caddy for only £80!!  and by paying in installments!!

how it works....... I need groups of 4 girls to commit to spend £20 per month between June and September. I buy the full kit, and each month split the set between you - each month you would get one of each of the four colour collections, and over the four months you would also get the pen caddy to keep them in. By the end of September you would have the full set of 38 pens and the pen caddy complete without having to find the full £89.95 in one go!!!

Good Idea? 

Let me know if you want to join to start on the 28th June 2012,
commit to paying £20 per month on the 28th of each month until the 28th September 2012 and I'll do the rest!!
(email me at sharonlindasim@hotmail.com)

You can see the full collection of pens here on page 112 
(Postage and Packing costs to be added if you are not local to me, this has been averaged at £2.00 per month)


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